Here at Alex Lyon and Son we devote much of our time to understanding the needs of our customers and then develop auctions address those needs.We are committed to building upon the success of the past by maintaining an ongoing quality assurance program. By undertaking new initiatives we will strengthen our ability to compete in an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace.
As our customers place increasing emphasis on curtailing the escalating cost of doing business, we devote more of our time to understanding the needs of our customers and then develop auctions that directly address those identified needs..

Alex Lyon and Son is proud to announce 10 new offices in Chicago, IL - Columbus, OH - Oklahoma City, OK - Des Moines, IA - Charlotte, NC   Parkersburg, WV - Fort Wayne, IN - Memphis, TN - Las Vegas, NV and Denver, CO.      contact us


Upcoming Auctions  33  
  Location Day Date Information Equipment List Bid On-Line AC
RUTLAND (Londonderry), VT Saturday 07/29/2017 RutlandBrochure Equipment_List 59
PROVIDENCE, RI Friday 08/04/2017 ProvidenceBrochure2 Equipment_List 67.1
PROVIDENCE, RI Friday 08/04/2017 ProvidenceBrochure2 Equipment_List 67.2
PROVIDENCE (Johnston), RI Saturday 08/05/2017 JohnstonRIBrochure2 Equipment_List 90
RUTLAND (Castleton), VT Friday 08/11/2017 CastletonBrochure Equipment_List 72
CONCORD, NH Saturday 08/12/2017 ConcordBrochure Equipment_List 63
KISSIMMEE, FL Wednesday 08/16/2017 KissimmeeWebAd3 Equipment_List 69
BOSTON, MA Saturday 08/19/2017 BostonWebAd1 Equipment_List 66
HOUSTON, TX Tuesday 08/22/2017   Equipment_List 83
JAMESTOWN, NY Thursday 08/24/2017   Equipment_List 84
QUERETARO, MEXICO Friday 08/25/2017     76
SCRANTON, PA Saturday 08/26/2017 ScrantonWebAd1 Equipment_List 85
PENSACOLA, FL Thursday 09/07/2017   Equipment_List 73
PARKERSBURG, WV Saturday 09/09/2017   Equipment_List 93
NASHVILLE (Cookville), TN Wednesday 09/20/2017     94
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ Saturday 09/23/2017   Equipment_List 105
ONEIDA, NY Sunday 09/24/2017     86
DALLAS (Ft. Worth), TX Tuesday 09/26/2017     118
SAN ANGELO, TX Thursday 09/28/2017     95
SACRAMENTO, CA Friday 10/13/2017     77
CAPE COD, MA Saturday 10/14/2017     74
SPARTANBURG, SC Thursday 10/19/2017     87.1
SPARTANBURG, SC Friday 10/20/2017     87.2
BUFFALO, NY Saturday 10/21/2017     68
NEW YORK Saturday 10/28/2017     78
DANBURY, CT Friday 11/03/2017     88
MIDDLETOWN, NY Saturday 11/04/2017     106
ROCHESTER (Dansville), NY Saturday 11/11/2017     79
MT. HOPE, OH Thursday 11/16/2017     64.1
MT. HOPE, OH Friday 11/17/2017     64.2
POLAND (Utica), NY DTBA       Equipment_List 70
LAS VEGAS, NV DTBA         120
ALBANY, NY DTBA         75
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