Address: 1319 Stavemill Road, Powhatan, VA 23139

NOTE: R.R. Dawson Bridge Company, having sold out, will sell the assets and rolling stock of this fine established, well-respected company in the industry. The equipment and cranes have been taken care of and it shows.

EARLY HILITES INCLUDE: 5 CRAWLER CRANES: Linkbelt LS-248H II, Linkbelt LS248H, Linkbelt LS218H II, (2)Linkbelt LS-218H, 3 TRUCK CRANES: Grove TM875, Linkbelt HC138A, Linkbelt HC138, 3 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES: 2007 Linkbelt RTC8090 AWD, Linkbelt HSP8050, Grove RT65S, 11 PILE DRIVING EQUIPMENT: ICE 416L, ICE 3060 Pile Auger, ICE 216 Sheet Pile Driver, ICE 60S Pile Hammer, ICE P250 Power Pack, ICE 175 Power Pack, J & M 44-30, J & M Power Pack, Berminghammer B6505, Berminghammer B5505, LBT Prime P150-55 Power Pack, 1242 CRANE ACCESSORIES: (185)30ft.x4ft.x1ft. Crane Mats, Caldwell 45 ton Lifting Beam, (6)Clamp-Co 35 ton Beam Lifting Clamps, (3)7/8in.x30ft. 4 Leg Sling, 1in.x30ft. 4 Leg Sling, 5/8in.x30ft. Triflex Cable, 1in.x25ft. 4 Leg Sling, 7/8in.x30ft. 2 Leg Sling, 1 5/8in.x35ft. 4 Leg Sling, 3/4in.x32ft. 2 Leg Sling, 1in.x30ft. Wire Rope Sling, 1in.x35ft. Wire Rope Sling, (10)� CY To 3 CY Concrete Laydown Bucket, (2)Cady 74,000lb. Lifting Beam, (1000)Overhang Jacks, (27)Various Shackles, TELESCOPIC FORKLIFT: 2014 Cat TH417C(4x4), 4 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: Cat 325CL, Cat 235, Cat 225LC, 2010 Bobcat E80, RUBBER TIRED EXCAVATOR: Cat 214B FT, 2 INTEGRATED TOOL CARRIERS: (2)Cat IT28G, RUBBER TIRED LOADER: 2016 Cat 926M, 3 CRAWLER TRACTORS: Cat D6D, (2)Cat D4H Series II, TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOE: Cat 416, 5 CONCRETE PAVERS: 2014 Terex/Bidwell 4800 Screed Paver, (2)Bidwell BR201-RF2 Special Concrete Screed, Bidwell BR201 Special Concrete Screed, Shugart H8 Lattice Style Screed System, ASPHALT ROLLER: 2012 Cat CB114B, VIBRATORY ROLLER: Superpac 540, 2 RUBBER TRACKED SKID STEERS: 2011 Cat 289CHF, 2012 Cat 259B3, SKID STEER: 2008 Cat 262C, FORKLIFT: Clark C500-45, BOOM LIFT: Grove MZ66A 4x4, 3 AIR COMPRESSORS: (2)IR P185W, IR P175WD, 7 WELDERS: (5)Lincoln Welder, (2)Miller Trailblazer 302, 4 LIGHT PLANTS: 2011-2009 Magnum MLT3060, 2008-2007 Amida AL4000, UTILITY TRACTOR: IH 364, BRIDGE EQUIPMENT: 2014 United Forms Corporation 16-9 Tax Bridge Overhang Stripping Buggy, 1054 CONCRETE FORMS: (500)Efco Plate Girder Forms, (34)Efco Plate Girder Forms, (500)Efco Lite Forms, (20)Round Column Forms, 150 CONCRETE EQUIPMENT: (150)Concrete Curing Blankets, TRESTLE SYSTEM: 720ft. System, 16 FALSEWORK BEAMS: (6)24in.x45ft., (10)21in.x45ft., 36 STEEL BEAMS: (2)50ft. Beams, (3)65ft. Beams, (30)30ft. 14in. H Piles, 800ft. Of Screed Rail Pipe, 568 SHEET PILING: (140)35ft. Pieces Of PZ27, (56)20ft. Pices Of PZ27, (52)15ft. Pieces Of PZ27, (120)32ft.x2.5ft. Pieces Of AZ Sheeting, (200)42ft. Bar Joists, 2 BOOM TRUCKS: Sterling M5500, Ford F700, 2 FLATBED TRUCKS: (2)Ford F250XL(4x4), UTILITY TRUCK: Ford F350XL, 2 SERVICE TRUCKS: IH 4700, Ford F600, 3 FUEL/LUBE TRUCKS: 2009-2001 Ford F750XL, GMC 7500, SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE: 2013 Chevy Tahoe LTZ(4x4), 3 TRUCK TRACTORS: Mack CH613, Mack R686ST, IH F2574, 6 PICKUP TRUCKS: (2)2014-(3)2013 Chevy Silverado, 2008 Chevy Colorado LT, AUTOMOBILE: 2013 Ford Fusion, DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILER: Fontaine 604NGB-T1C, TRAILER JEEP: Fontaine 352J, OFFICE TRAILER: Williams 12ft.x56ft., BOAT: Orange Marine 2514 Push Boat, 21 BARGES: (12)Refurbished Shugart Sectional Barge, (9)Shugart Sectional Barge, 14 CONTAINERS: 40ft. Conex, (13)20ft. Conex, UTILITY VEHCILE: 2010 Bobcat 3400D(4x4), 9 SCRAP RECYCLING: (5)New 2-Yard Stackable Self Dumping Hopper, (2)New 1.5-Yard Stackable Self Dumping Hopper, (2)New 1-Yard Stackable Self Dumping Hopper, 7 HEATING EQUIPMENT: (5)150,000BTU Torpedo Heater, (2)55,000BTU Reddy Heater, 5 PRESSURE WASHERS: Generac 3800PSI, Honda 3500PSI, Honda GX160, Honda GX390, DeWalt 3800PSI, 11 ATTACHMENTS: (12)Skid Steer: 2011 Cat PC206 Mill Head, (2)New 2 Cubic Yard Trash Hopper, (3)New 84in. Fork, (2)New JBX 4000 48in. Pallet Fork, (4)New Attach Frame, 58 NEW SUPPORT EQUIPMENT:  (3)Mustang MP4800 2in. Submersible Pumps, (1)Mustang CV3500 Concrete Vibrators, (4)Mustang LF88 Plate Compactors, Huskie B65 Demolition Hammer, 3Pc. Air Spray gun Kit, 250Amp Arc Welder, (2)Huskie 11218 Hammer Drills, (4)3Pc. 14in. Diamond Blades, (2)2in.x50ft. Discharge Water Hoses, (2)4-Pack Ratchet Cargo Straps, (4)1/2in. Drive Air Impact Wrench Kits, (4)25ft. 800Amp. HD Booster Cables, (2)3/8in.x50ft. Automatic Air Hose Reels, (3)Auto Darkening Welding Helmets, (4)29.5in.x90in. HD Work Benchs, (4)30in.x57in. Welding Tables, (2)3/8in. AR500 Dueling Tree Shooting Targets, (2)3/8in. AR500 Gong Targets, (2)3/8in. AR500 Gong Target, (2)AR500 Dueling Tree Shooting Target For .22 Cal, Honda GX460 Motor, Kohler Gas Motor, (5)Screed Wheels, (5)Screed Wheel Drive Motors, 85 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: 2011 Diamond Products Core Cut Saw, (5)Honda 6500 Generator, (2)Wacker Neuson 6500 Generator, (2)Multiquip 6HB Generator, Dewalt DG7000 Generator, Dewalt DG6000 Generator, Honda 5000 Generator, (2)Edco Walk Behind Concrete Grinder, IR Air Core Drill,  IR Air Cutoff Saw, IR Right Angle Drill, (5)IR Air Impact Wrenches, Chicago Pneumatic Air Drill, (3)Hilti DX460, Hilti TE70, (2)Hilti TE60, (2)Hilti DX35, (5)Dewalt Grinder, (4)Milwaukee Grinder, (4)Milwaukee Circular Saw, (6)Dewalt Impact Wrench, (6)Concrete Vibrator, (3)Wright Tool Torgue Wrench, Large Quantity Of Filters, Cat Bucket Teeth, Soiltest Hydraulic Cylinder Breaking Machine, Intellirock Remote Concrete Curing Temperture Monitor, (2)Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Press, Pump Discharge Hoses, Large Quantity of Form and Rigging Hardware, Large Quantity of Various Threaded Rod, Phoenix Dry Rod II, Intellicure Temperture Controlled Concrete Cylinder Cure Box, Husqavarna 440 and 435 Chainsaw, 30ft. Fiberglass Ladder, (2)Set of Oxygen and Acetylene Cages, (2)Hougen Rotabroach 10904 Magnetic Drill Press, (3)Enerpac Hydraulic Pump and Pancake Jack, Tsurumi 3in. Submersible Pump, Assorted Cutting Torches, (2)Skidmore Wilhelm Model M Bolt tension Measurer, Assorted Parts and Hand Tools, 11 SURVEY EQUIPMENT: Wild TC1000 Total Station Survey Equipment, Wild Heerburg Total Station Survey Equipment, (2)Wild Distomat DI1100 Distance Meter, Lietz TS20 Theodolite, Lietz Autolevel B1, Topcon RL-H3C Rotating Laser, (2)Topcon ATB4 Autolevel, Sokkia Robot SET5-10, Beam Aligner 4700 Pipe Laser.

SALE SITE PHONE: (315) 633-2944





Phone: (315) 633-2944 Fax: (315) 633-8010

Syracuse, NY (Evenings) (315) 637-8912

Time & Date Wednesday 05/31/2017 .... Catalog Deadline .... Brochure Deadline
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"Cash or Company Check" accompanied by current "Bank Letter of Guarantee", made payable to Alex Lyon & Son. Everything Sells "AS IS, WHERE IS." The following charges will apply on all purchases: (1.) For each unit $25,001.00 and above, a 5.95% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check. (The standard fee of 8.95% will be assessed when paying with credit card); and (2.) For each unit $1,001- $25,000, a 10% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 13% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card. (3.) For each unit $0- $1,000, a 12.5% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 15.5% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card.

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