Large Quantity of Telescopics, Booms, Scissors, Late Model Construction Equipment, Trucks, Trailers, Attachments, & Support



(Ahern's Main Yard)

1800 West Bonanza Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106


NOTE: As in the past, this sale will have very high quality rental fleet equipment that has been maintained the very best.

HILITES INCLUDE: 2 CRAWLER TRACTORS: 2007 JD 1050J(ripper), 2007 JD 1050C(ripper), 2 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: 2008 Genie GTH-644(4x4), 2006 Skytrak 6036, 12 BOOM LIFTS: 2008 JLG 600AJ, 2007 JLG 600A, 2005 JLG 600S, 2006 JLG 450AJ, 2006 JLG 450AJ-II, 2006 JLG E300AJ, 2006 Genie S60(4x4), 2007 Genie S40(4x4), (2)2007 Genie Z34/22N, Genie AB46, 2008 Skyjack SJ45T, 78 SCISSOR LIFTS: 2007 Genie 4390RT, 2006 Genie GS3384RT, 2006 Genie 2668RT, 2009-2007-2006 Genie AWP-40S, 2006 Genie IWP-30S, 2006 Skyjack SJ9250, 2007 Skyjack SJ7135, (2)2007 Skyjack 6826RT, 2006 Skyjack SJIII4632, (3)2006 SJ4III626, (3)2006 SJ4626, 2007-(11)2006 Skyjack SJ3226, (2)2008-(2)2007-(18)2006-2005 Skyjack SJ3219, (4)2008 Hybrid HB-1430, (14)2008 Hybrid HB-1030, (2)2007 JLG 41AM, JLG 20MVL, JLG 20MVL(parts), (2)2007 JLG 1230ES, 2015 JLG 1230ES(parts), 7 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: Cat 345BL, 2015 Cat 324EL, (2)Unused Cat 308E2CR, 2007 Kobelco SK350LC, Hitachi EX330LC-5, Hitachi ZX230LC, RUBBER TIRED LOADER: 2016 JD 544K Series II, TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOE: 2007 JD 310G(4x4), ASPHALT ROLLER: 2005 Ammann AR65, 5 TRENCH ROLLERS: 2008 Rammax P35K4B, Rammax, 2009 Multiquip P24HHMR, 2006 Multiquip P33HHMR, Multiquip UR36HA, SKID STEER: 2013 JD 315, TRENCHER: 2008 Ditch Witch RT40, 2 FORKLIFTS: 2015 Hyster H50CT, 2006 Yale, 7 AIR COMPRESSORS: 2013 Atlas Copco XAS375JD6, (3)2007 IR XP375WIR, 2007 IR P185WJD, (2)2007 IR P90WIR, 8 GENERATORS: 2007 Multiquip DCA220, 2006 Multiquip DCA100, 2007-2005 Multiquip DCA70, 2006 Multiquip DCA45, 2005 Multiquip DCA25, 2007 Magnum MMG100, 2007 Multiquip DCA70SSIUC, 18 WELDERS: 2006 Lincoln Vantage 500, (4)2007-(2)2006 Lincoln Vantage 400, (3)2006 Lincoln Vantage 300, 2008 Miller Bobcat 225, Miller Bobcat 250, 2007-(2)2006-2005 Multiquip GAW180HE, 2009 Welder(for boom lift), 40 LIGHT PLANTS: 2012 Allmand Nite Lite ProII, (4)2012-2011-(3)2007-(21)2006 Allmand Nite Lite Pro, (10)2006 Multiquip LT12D, ARROW/MESSAGE BOARD: 2009 Wanco WTLMB, 3 CONCRETE EQUIPMENT: (2)2006 Multiquip WM120PH Plaster Mixer, 2009 Toker MM8-8H Plaster Mixer, BOOM TRUCK: 2013 Freightliner 108SD, STAKE TRUCK: 2007 Ford F450, VAN TRUCK: 1998 Chevy C6500, WATER WAGON: Cat 621F, 14 WATER TRUCKS: 2006 Freightliner M2-106, (2)2005 Sterling, 2000 IH 9900I, 2001 IH 9200, 2008-(2)2006-(5)2005-2004 Ford F650, 4 DUMP TRUCKS: 2005-2004 Ford F650, Ford F650, 2004 Ford F450, 2 PICKUP TRUCKS: 2005 Ford F150, Chevy C250, DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILER: New Witzco RG50, TAGALONG TRAILER: 2005 Best Trail CR85X15MD, 6 UTILITY TRAILERS: (2)2004 Best Trail TB5X12, 2003-(3)2000 Baretto E3X4TBT, WATER TRAILER: 2005 Wylie W1245S, 37 UTILITY VEHICLES: (4)2012 Kawasaki 4010T, 2008-(3)2007 Kawasaki 3010T, 2007 Kawaski 3010, (10)2007 JD TX Gator, (7)2006 Taylor-Dunn B2-10, 2006 Taylor-Dunn S2-10, (10)2006 Taylor-Dunn SS5-36, STONE BOX: New Gravel Box, TRUCK PARTS & ACCESSORIES: Rack for Truck, 3 NEW & USED TIRES: (3)2014 Super Grip 31x10-20, 5 HEATING EQUIPMENT: 2006 Heat Star MHS400FAVT, 2007-2006 Heat Star 350K, Desa BLP375AR, Grainger 3VE59(parts), 11 PRESSURE WASHERS: 2010 MI-T-M HS-3506, 2009 MI-T-M CW-4004, 2009-2008-2007 MI-T-M HS-3505, 2014 MI-T-M HG-3004, 2008-2007 MI-T-M CW-3004, 2007 MI-T-M CW-2505, 2007 MI-T-M JCW-2003, Alkota 5301T, 6 SCRAP RECYCLING EQUIPMENT: (2)New 2-Yard Stackable Self Dumping Hoppers, (2)New 1.5-Yard Stackable Self Dumping Hoppers, (2)New 1-Yard Stackable Self Dumping Hoppers, 114 WHEELS: (69)16.5x9.75, (45)16.5x8.25, 4 HYDRAULIC HAMMERS & ACCESSORIES: 2007 Allied Con G90, 2007 Allied Con G88, 2006 Allied Con G100, Koenig KB11T, 18 EXCAVATOR BUCKETS: Hitachi 60in., (3)Digging(Cat 308E2CR), Digging(Kobelco SK350), 2006 CF Woods 36in. Digging, Cat 36in. Digging, Cat 24in. Digging, 36in. Digging, (3)24in. Digging, (5)Digging(Kubota KX161),  33 ATTACHMENTS: (3)Excavator: Allied Con 9800 HOPAC, Quick Coupler, (13)Skid Steer: New Lowe 750 Hydraulic Auger, New Stout XHD84-6 84IN. Brush Grapple, New Stout 72-8 Brush Grapple, New Stout 96in. Snow Bucket, New 84in. Forks, (2)New JBX 4000 48in. Forks, (2)New 2 Cubic Yard Trash Hopper, (4)New Attach Frames, (5)Tele Forklift: 2014 Genie Fork Truss, 2006 Skytrak 12ft. Truss Boom, (2)Skytrak 1.6yd. Bucket, Bucket(Dieci) (3)Tractor: 2011 Gearmore 60in. Rotary Cutter, 2006 General IM B60 Gannon Box, Kubota Backhoe Attachment, (9)Tractor Loader: (4)24in., (5)Quick Coupler, 62 NEW SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: (4)Mustang MP4800 2in. Submersible Pumps, (2)Mustang CV3500 Concrete Vibrator, (4)Mustang LF88 Plate Compactors, (4)1/2in. Drive Air Impact Wrench Kits, (2)2in.x50ft. Discharge Water Hoses, (6)3pc. 14in. Premium Diamond Blades, (2)Auto Darkening Welding Helmets, (6)25ft. 800Amp Extra HD Booster Cables, 3pc. Air Spray Gun Kit, 250Amp Electric Arc Welder, (4)29.5in.x90in. HD Work Bench w/Shelf, (4)30in.x57in. Welding Table, (2)3/8in. AR500 Dueling Tree Shooting Targets, (2)3/8in. AR500 Gong Targets, (2)3/8in. AR500 Dueling Tree Shooting Targets(.22cal), (2)AR500 3/8in. Spinner Targets, (2)Huskie B65 Electric Demolition Hammers, (2)Huskie 11218 SDS Hammer Drills, (2)4-Pack 10,000lb. Ratchet Cargo Straps, (8)7500w Generators, 140 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: (7)Multiquip Plate Compactors, (18)Multiquip Rammers, 2013 Multiquip GA6HB Generator, (2)Chainsaws, Stihl Weed Eater, Stihl Cutoff Saw, Rice Hydro Hydrostatic Pump, (2)Genie Material Hoists, Rigid 1224 Pipe Cutter/Threader, (9)Wacker Rammers, Wacker GP5600A Generator, Ace 4-Wheel Dolly, Antony 2-Wheel Dolly, (3)CEP Flood Lights, (2)CEP Power Centers, (2)DeWalt Chop Saws, DeWalt DW131 Drill, EDCO DY1G Cement Grinder, EDCO TMS10-1L Tile Saw, 2008 Hyster B80ZAC Pallet Jack, (3)General Wire Snakes, 2010 Milwaukee 6815 Metal Shear, 2007 EZEE SC8AL 2-Wheel Dolly, 2006 Sunex 5000A Drill Press, 2006 ATD 10-ton Floor Jack, 2007 Norco 71230A Floor Jack, 2006 Hilti DD200 Core Drill, Hilti Rotary Hammer, Hilti DX36M Gun Powder Nailer, 2009 Franklin FIM400 Ice Maker, Clarke FM1700HD 17in. Floor Polisher, Clarke Bexspot Carpet Shampooer, (6)APT 5239 Air Hammers, (2)APT 5237 Air Hammers, APT 5216 Air Hammer, APT 5200 Air Hammer, APT 5302 Chipping Hammer, Expert 6in. Disc Grinder, New Haven NH1170 Dolly Platform, QEP Carpet Kicker, Central Hy 1,000lb. Engine Stand, Hilti DG150 Cement Grinder, Castex LS1700HD 17in. Floor Polisher, Castex WV1500 Wet/Dry Vac, (2)Floor Jacks, (6)Truck Boxes, Crate of Misc. Hoses, Qty. of Canopies(for JD Carts), QEP Carpet Iron, (2)Emglo Compressors, Grainger 3VE59 350K BTU Heater, Wheels(for Ford F550), (8)Ryan Sod Cutters, (3)Bosch 11304K Hammers, (2)2011 Toker Concrete Saws, 2009 MacKissic IT6R Tiller, 2007 Rigid 300 Compact Pipe Threader Cutter, 2006 Hitachi H65 60lb. Hammer, 2007 Barreto E1620B Tiller, 2012 Ridgo 1224 Pipe Threader Cutter, 2007 Balkamp Pickup Toolbox, 2012 American E Pickup Toolbox, 2008 NAPA Pickup Toolbox, 2016 Pickup Rack, 2016 Atlas XH-PSP-6000 Car Lift, 2004 MacKissic ST6ICI Tiller, 2003 APT 5237 90lb. Hammer, Troy-Bilt 3500 Watt Generator, Pallet of Small Handa Engines, 2009 2in. Suction Hoses, 7 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Pallet Misc. Equipment Parts, Cushman 36W Stock Chaser, JP Nolan Power Center, (2)2009 Coppus Blowers, 2012 Multiquip 2in. Pump, 2007 6,500lb. Pallet Jack.   

PERMIT #: TCP-40806

SALE SITE PHONE: (770) 537-7386 Eddie




Phone: (315) 633-2944 Fax: (315) 633-8010

Syracuse, NY (Evenings) (315) 637-8912

Time & Date Saturday 12/09/2017 .... Catalog Deadline .... Brochure Deadline
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 "Cash or Company Check" accompanied by current "Bank Letter of Guarantee", made payable to Alex Lyon & Son. Everything Sells "AS IS, WHERE IS." The following charges will apply on all purchases: (1.) For each unit $25,001.00 and above, a 5.95% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check. (The standard fee of 8.95% will be assessed when paying with credit card); and (2.) For each unit $1,001- $25,000, a 10% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 13% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card. (3.) For each unit $0- $1,000, a 12.5% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 15.5% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card.

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